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5 Milestones To Achieve Before Quitting Your Job To Start A Business

Starting a business is risk especially financially but calculative risk is the first step to growth. Calculated risk is taking risks with plans. It is where you have decent idea about what is the “cost” of the risk, what is the “probability” of you winning, and what is the “reward” you will reap etc…

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How To Be Happy And Successful By Serving Others

Most successful people create a service that is about serving others. Either they spread awareness about a problem or sell a product that makes things easier for people. Or they make them laugh and forget about their problems. These are all services designed for the main reason of benefiting or helping others.

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Problems are The Only Constant in Life

Yes, you heard it right. Problems are the only constant in life. Happiness comes from solving problems. We all want a problem free happy life but the truth is problems will never end. It will be great if we accept the truth and Don’t hope for a life without problems. There is no such thing. Instead of hope for a life with better problems. Problems that are worth suffering for.

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Top 10 Tips to make yourself Mentally Strong

We all pay utmost attention to being physically stronger and fitter.

How many of us ever thought of our mental health? 

Very few, right? But it is as important as being physically fit for our overall health.

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25 Mindfulness Quotes that will change your life

Mindful means being conscious or aware of everything that is going on in and around you. It’s about cultivating awareness and appreciation of present experience. It is the ability to connect with your inner self and meditation is the best technique to do so. we all have heard about the benefits of practicing meditation. 

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20 Do’s & Don’ts For Better College or Academic Life

School and college life is the key to the future. However, it does not only belong to being book smart and having a college degree. It’s about being better in all aspects of life such as socially, academically and personally. 
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