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Top 10 Bits Of Advice From A Judge Who Handled Family Dispute Courts

Source of this article is Lawyers club India. This article was published by Mr. Vijay Raj Mahajan. Vijay Raj Mahajan is a senior lawyer more than 35 years experience in the legal profession for matters relating to Family matters Marriage, Maintenance, Guardianship, Child Custody, Divorce & Annulment, Matters relating to Succession/Inheritance, Will drafting and registration, Criminal matters relating to Family issues and other Civil and Criminal cases etc.

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A family is a unit of society. If this unit is balanced, the whole society will be balanced and hence the whole nation. If this unit has problems, the whole society will be imbalanced. By large, a balanced family is mostly dependent on the behavior of the guardian or the husband. A husband can achieve the satisfaction of a happy family by adopting the following 4 ways.


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