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Top 6 Secret of Makeup That Enhance Your Features

Stop! Finding ways to look like someone else. It’s time to get off the track of the endless rat race that makes you feel unworthy at the end of the day. Girl! You are more gorgeous than you think you are. Instead of following the blind trend of so-called beauty, enhance your heaven-gifted features that embellish your natural beauty. Not sure! how? Don’t fret. I’m gonna reveal the top-secret of makeup that enhances your features

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7 Unusual Techniques To Elevate Your Makeup Skills

When it comes to flawless makeup looks, they are more about the application techniques than the makeup products used. A highly creative and experienced professional makeup artist can work effectively and beautifully, even with just a few tools. Celebrity makeup artist, Scott Barnes, for instance, has worked with just a lipstick and powder for a magazine photo shoot.

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The Six Steps towards the Game Changing Eyebrow Trimming

The perfect eyebrow trimming will change your look forever. It defines your facial features and makes a statement that you are in control and responsible for your beauty. Where do you start? Well, here are the game-changing tips to consider: Continue reading “The Six Steps towards the Game Changing Eyebrow Trimming”

The Secrets Of Grooming Long Beautiful Natural Hair

The human hair is the crown of the body! the first thing that is usually noticed when you look at someone is their hair. For women, your hair is the crowning glory of your entire beauty. The first thing that guys compliment a woman is the hair. Your hair plays a major role in deciding how you look, what dress you put on and the nature of make-over you apply. Continue reading “The Secrets Of Grooming Long Beautiful Natural Hair”

5 Things You Must Avoid to Treat Dark Eye Bags

Certainly, you hate it when you see those dark and/or puffy luggage under your eyes. They ruin how you look and eventually take away the bloom on your face and the brightness in your eyes. The skin under your eye gets dark and becomes very noticeable as it is the only portion that looks like that. Those eye bags are part of your skin already since they’ve been resting there for some time now. Continue reading “5 Things You Must Avoid to Treat Dark Eye Bags”