Be Kind To Yourself

Be kind to yourself. When you stumble and fall, do not indulge your inner critic too much and get discouraged.

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Want To Be At The Top Of Motivation Level? Read This.

Does Food matters if you do not have air to breath?

Does love matter if you do not have food?

No. Right?

You need food to live, love alone can’t keep you alive. Food, air water is the most fundamental human needs. Nothing can be achieved without fulfilling these needs. To be at the top of the motivation level you have to understand the theory of human motivation which is known as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs .

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How To Heal Hurt Feelings And Move On In Life

Hurt feelings are inevitable. Everybody gets hurt at some point in time by someone or something. And this is completely natural. The problem arises when people keep stuffing their feeling deep down and not able to express them. These bottled feelings start striking your mental and physical health and can have dangerous outcomes.

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5 Milestones To Achieve Before Quitting Your Job To Start A Business

Starting a business is risk especially financially but calculative risk is the first step to growth. Calculated risk is taking risks with plans. It is where you have decent idea about what is the “cost” of the risk, what is the “probability” of you winning, and what is the “reward” you will reap etc…

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Emotional Independence: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

Let me begin with a simple question.

Are you in control of your emotions, or are your emotions dependent upon those around you?

When our self-worth depends upon others opinion about us, we are emotionally dependent upon them. They could be our partners, our parents or our friends whom we look up to, or try to impress; people whose opinion about us decides how we mold ourselves just so we feel “accepted”.

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Want A Better Marriage? Learn To Listen To your Spouse

Opening your heart to your spouse is the best feeling in the world. Listening is a form of love and can truly transform your relationship with your spouse. If you claim to love someone and that person has to think million times before opening up to you. It is not loving.

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30 Relationship Rules That Are Often Ignored

Do you want your relationship last for life? Is your partner is also feeling the same way? Because relationship is a two way street and It can’t be up to one person to keep up the relationship, it needs both people to thrive.

Every individual is unique and so is there relationships. Even if your relationship is different there are some rules that are common in all strong relationships.

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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Meditate

With increased digital distraction and outside noise, meditation is a much-needed practice in our lives. Meditation dates back to the 12th century. It is a technique that helps to develop self-awareness and declutter the mind. This ageless practice has been passed down through generations and is still popular around the world due to a variety of benefits.

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What Effect Do School Uniforms Have On Student’s Mental Health?

Ever since I was born, I wanted to be like other people, didn’t you? I wanted to have the same clothes as my friends. I wanted my dad to have the same car as them, listened to the same music as them, and wanted to own the same brand of clothes as them. But now, my opinion has changed and I believe that if everyone was the same, this amazing world would be bland, dull, and full of sadists. We could lose every aspect of individuality, creativity, and diversity. School uniforms allow these defects to take place and exist in our amazing society.

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