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How to know if someone is a Narcissist

A narcissist is a person who is in love with him/herself. A person with an inflated sense of self-worth and importance is a narcissist.

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a handsome hunter. One day he was walking in the woods and sensed that someone is following him. She was Echo ( a mountain nymph). Echo was in love with Narcissus. After some time she reveals her identity and attempted to embrace him. But narcissus stepped away and ask her to leave him alone.

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15 Bad Habits To Leave Behind In The New Year

Taking Up a new year’s resolution is an age-old concept. we all make some promises to ourselves for the betterment of our mind and body. In this new year, you can do it in a different way. Apart from adding new practices to your daily routine, you can quit some of your existing bad habits.

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How to learn a language?

I usually don’t like to write ‘how to’ in the title of my posts. (It’s really odd for me…) I added it today, just because of the idea of the post. As it is clear that, today’s post is something about the process of learning a language. I will talk about my so far experience with the English language. So let’s start the journey……☺

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How to know if you are an Empath

If you have an ability to understand and share the feelings of others, You are an empath. It is the action of understanding, being aware of or being sensitive to the experience of another person. Such personality can actually put so much strain on one’s mental health and abilities.

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5 DIY Makeup Tips with Essential Oils

Sensitive skin is such a challenge to deal with in everyday life. It gets red, itchy and very uncomfortable depending on the intensity and severity of the skin. However, before running to the nearest skincare boutique, you should consider what other elements are causing these violent reactions. Some factors can be makeup, exfoliators, hair care products, food choices and even pieces of jewelry that you wear every day. Continue reading “5 DIY Makeup Tips with Essential Oils”


Cashew nut is very popular, you can find a jar full of it in every Indian home. You can eat it raw or roast it to make a healthy snack for your tea time. It is used in many vegan recipes, crushed for garnishing sweets or curries or processed into cashew cheese or cashew butter. 

Cashew is originated from Brazil and introduced to India by traders. Now, states like Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka Have higher production of cashews. It is available all over the year. It has a great shelf-life if you store it properly. Continue reading “TOP 10 REASONS WHY WE SHOULD HAVE CASHEW DAILY”


It is a given fact that the brain is the human body’s most complex organ. Although it is just a small part of the body, the brain is figuratively a big organ that keeps us functioning normally every day. It does a lot of work like controlling all our sensations and movements, as well as, the flow of our thoughts. However, the brain’s complexities make it one of the most delicate and most vulnerable body parts, and if it gets compromised, we are as good as dead. Continue reading “5 TERRIBLE WAYS MODERNIZED LIFE DESTROYING YOUR BRAIN”


Finding time to relax is an effective way to manage stress and anxiety. Relaxation not only help to reduce pain and maintain good health but it is an important part of enjoying life. However, with the busy schedules, setting aside time to relax is easier said than done.

Thankfully, the whole point of relaxation is that it shouldn’t be hard. Even if it’s only five minutes, taking time out of your day will improve your health and quality of life. In order to make relaxation a regular part of your day, start incorporating these easy relaxation tips.