Beauty is overrated when it comes to elucidating it. You do not have to be the next Audrey Hepburn to appreciate fashion and beauty when you can have a clear grasp of it by just being YOU. All you need to know is that beauty is an inspiration that naturally brings out the glow on your face when you learn to love and accept yourself most wonderfully. Furthermore, you have to figure out the products that treat your skin right and are gentle on your skin.

There are so many things written about clean beauty to
overcomplicate it. However, the truth is that you need to understand it generically so that you are conscious enough to make the right choice.

The Two T’s of Clean Beauty:

A poll conducted by Harper’s BAZAAR of more than 1,000 women remarked that nearly 50 percent of the women were already using clean beauty products, which is a great exemplar of how the knowledge of clean beauty has made women think about what products are right for their skin.


Clean beauty is being kind to the skin and creating products, which use non-toxic ingredients and cause an invisible infliction to the environment. The ingredients used in creating beauty products should work with your skin and not against it. One has to remember the notion that beneficial does not always mean safe.


When a beauty brand claims to design clean beauty products, it has to be honest about every ingredient that it uses in creating the products and mention each one of them on the label. Clean beauty is about the commitment to be open about what the consumers are provided within the name of a ‘beauty’ product.

To sum up the two T’s, clean beauty is all about trading the toxins with

The Big ‘NO’:

When you eat something wrong, it immediately disturbs your digestion. Similarly, certain ingredients are not only toxic but also unacceptable for your skin. You need to say NO to the products that contain them. Some of the ingredients that you must say a big NO to are:

• Parabens
• Aluminium compounds
• Silica
• Refined petroleum
• Triclosan
• Oxybenzone

These ingredients are harmful in an extreme way. The ingredient called phthalates used in some of the beauty products can disrupt the reproductive system. The EU law has banned 1,328 chemicals from cosmetics suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutation, etc. Now, you can realize how critical these chemicals are.

Time To Break The Myth:

The one thing that you should retain is that clean beauty products do not have to be fundamentally natural, organic, or green. They are all about being non-toxic regardless of them being organic or anything else. There is a reason why technologies have been developed by man to create ingredients that can bring about a revolution for good. Artificial ingredients are acceptable as long as they are safe.

How Do You Switch?

Everything good takes time. In 2020, here is the ‘good’ for you. You cannot switch suddenly. It is a process. Since you know now, you can grow. Here are some tips to wipe the slate clean:

Get rid of the lot first:

The products that you use regularly should be replaced first. What you apply on your face seeps into your body. So, it is very important to detox the face products first to break the spell.

Stay loyal to a few brands:

Think of your eyes as a magnifying glass when you look for clean beauty products. Try to find the brands that purely focus on clean beauty. You can look for brands like Clinique, The Ordinary, etc.

The best option though is to go for brands that do not contain fragrances to avoid irritation like Minimalist that uses no fragrances in any of the products, let alone chemicals, and this reassures you that there is no mystery behind the woods, in this case, behind the fragrances.

Know your skin well:

Be sceptical about everything that you put on your skin. Clean beauty is not about perfection. It is about perfecting the imperfections. You must have an understanding of what your skin needs. Let your skin breathe for a while. Always conduct a patch test before applying the products all over your skin.

Always try to understand what you are buying into:

Most of the beauty brands have a message to deliver. Your approach should be to see beyond the label that you go for. When you think of a beauty brand you like, it should fill you with confidence so that you can be true to your skin. Cosmetics are supposed to make you feel good about yourself without a speck of vanity overshadowing YOU.

“The people who have the courage to be happy with their appearances are the most beautiful people on the planet. You do not look good. You do not look bad. You surely look YOU.”

Author’s Bio – Resham Tulsiani is a writer, musician, poet and a beauty enthusiast. She is a Commerce student and is currently working on a novel. She believes that writing is the art of the heart and is always about making people feel good about themselves. She loves reading and making music.

For now, signing off until next post.

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