Mental Health During Quarantine

It’s okay to not feel okay during this quarantine period.

I know there are a lot of people completing online courses, working out at home, learning new skills, cooking new dishes, etc. If you are able to keep your spirit up during this crisis, It’s amazing and really praiseworthy.

Being productive or creative is a constructive way to cope with hard times. But if you are not feeling that drive, it’s okay.

Do not force yourself.

Do not get upset, if you are not “seizing the moment”.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, anxious and demotivated. This is absolutely normal.

The whole world has almost stopped.

Terrible things are happening in the world and in our own personal world as well.

People are getting sick and dying across the globe.

Many people, including ourselves or those we know, are going to lose our jobs.

Many people have nothing to eat.

People are living in fear. It’s a tough time for the whole world.

Allow yourself to feel the reality.

Do whatever makes you feel good. Talk to someone you love, who is supportive and ready to listen to you. Journal your feelings. Listen to songs or watch movies to cheer yourself up.

You don’t have to present a brave face to the world all the time.

It’s okay to not feel okay.

For now, signing off until next post.

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Thanks for reading | Stay happy, stay healthy.

Take care!

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