5 Ways To Live More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle In 2020

With the end of 2019, many people start to think of the changes they want to make to become better versions of themselves next year. Before the holiday season, try to have your 2020 New Year’s resolutions decided, so you can begin your lifestyle changes as soon as January 1st hits!

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The most common New Year’s resolutions tend to be on the topic of healthy living, like exercising more, eating a balanced diet, or quitting smoking. But what about choosing something that can help you and other people live a healthier life? Making green changes to live a more Eco-friendly might be the best option for the new year to reduce your waste, live a more sustainable life, and help the planet.

Small changes to make every day:

Daily adjustments don’t have to be hard. They can be small and easy once get yourself ready to live a greener life.

If you’re vigilant about drinking water already, then an easy change to make is to stop buying single-use bottles and instead invest in a reusable water bottle to easily reduce daily plastic waste. Think about how many water bottles you drink a day to hit your water intake goal; with one purchase you can save money on buying water bottles weekly and make a huge step in living a greener lifestyle.

Another easy switch it to buy reusable straws to replace disposable straws. There are so many metal, glass, and silicone straws in the market to choose from. When you go get iced coffee or a smoothie, bring your new straw with you so you don’t use a disposable one. Plus, it’s easier than ever to clean reusable straws after use because almost all of them come with a pipe cleaner.

Finally, do research on brands that are making an effort to be more sustainable and shop with them for your daily necessities. Nowadays so many brands are making everyday items more sustainable for you and the environment. You can even find daily contact lenses on the market that are made with less packaging and recyclable material so you can feel better about your necessary, every day plastic use.

Big Changes to Try in 2020:

If you’re already doing all of the above, there is still more that you can change this year to better your life and the planet.

If you need a new car, consider buying an electric car instead of one that runs on gas. Electric cars are better for the environment because they aren’t emitting greenhouse gases into the air.  Electric cars have become more and more popular and there are charging stations everywhere. These vehicles are actually more affordable to run than putting gas into your car so it’s easier than ever to make the switch. Plus, the huge incentive is that the federal government offers a one-time tax break for electric car owners because of the huge help you are giving to the environment.

Another change to try out is a zero waste lifestyle. Going zero waste can be daunting but now companies try to make items like shampoo and conditioner with no packaging easily available and grocery stores carry everyday items like cereals and nuts in bulk. All you have to do is remember to bring your mason jars or other Tupperware with you to the store to stock up on your favorite items and buy lots of package-free produce!

Finally, campaigning can make a huge difference when it comes to living a greener lifestyle. Giving money or time to organizations that support the environment or volunteering for politicians whose views about the earth align with yours can help make the world a better place.

No matter the change, big or small, you can strive to live a greener life this year. You may be surprised at the effect that these changes can have on your strides to live a healthier lifestyle in general. Being more conscious of the world around you can snowball into many other healthy changes in your life. You will be helping yourself, the planet, and those around you. and now you know it doesn’t have to be hard! Even the smallest changes can make a big difference.

What do you do in your daily life to make this planet a better place for future generations? or What changes are you going to make to live a more environment friendly lifestyle? Comment down below 🙂

For now, signing off until next post.

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