How does Communication Skill help you to Win a Dialogue?

I have met so many people who have such an influential way of speech. They never fail on convincing anyone of anything. Whether it is a professional deal or personal argument. Their clear and concise communication skills and confidence leave everyone stunned. They have the splendid ability to catch our attention, Kindle our emotions, and compel us to take action.

Effective communication requires deep insights into the subject and how people interpret the information. Apart from the comprehension and confidence, framing also plays a critical part. An effective Communicator must have the ability to frame and reframe any issue effortlessly. In this article, you will learn what is framing and how a good frame influences our choice.

What is framing?

Framing means saying the same thing by using different and better words within the context. Or Using different words and sentences for saying the same thing.

Media and politicians make the use of the framing techniques to amplify their idea. They have the ability to stress on a particular issue and influence the choices we make. How something presented to us influences our choices.

Most of the time the audience falls prey to the framing effect. We interpret and react to things the way they portrayed to us.

Suppose you wake up one morning and Something bizarre turns your mood off. How will you lead your rest of the day? Awfully. You know why because that event in the morning puts you in the negative mind frame. Hence every small event that goes against your wish will irk you.

Framing is like a window from which anyone sees an issue. Framing a conversation is as same as framing a picture. A picture frame plays a significant role in highlighting a particular object. Likewise framing a conversation helps us to stress specific aspects of an issue.

Here are some examples of framing a conversation and their effect.

Example: 1

What is the first thought you have by seeing the above picture? You can describe it in two ways.

  • Positive frame: Glass is half full?
  • Negative frame: Glass is half empty?

Both the sentences are equal truths. Yet, when portrayed in a negative frame, you think that the glass is half-empty. It gives you a sense of dissatisfaction and disappointment. If portrayed in a positive frame, you see the glass as half-full. It will definitely make you feel happy and grateful.

Example: 2

A television advertisement depicts their motive in two different frames.

  • Positive Frame: The product has been proven effective in 70% cases. 
  • Negative Frame: The product has failed to work in 30% of cases.

Positive frame immediately gives you hope and encourage to buy the product. If the same thing portrayed in a negative frame, stressing on its failure, you might not buy this product.

Example: 3

Suppose, There is a man named John. who crossed the border into our country many years ago. He is working and has an adorable family here.

How do you describe him?

  • Negative Frame: A illegal immigrant?
  • positive frame: A undocumented worker?

Both sentences have the same meaning yet the frames are different as chalk and cheese.

First one emphasizing that he is illegal and he should leave the country. Whereas the second sentence portrays him as a responsible citizen, Who is working and contributing to the country’s economy and society. The only problem is the missing documents which sound like the bureaucrat’s issue.

You can see how you can influence anyone’s views on anything. you can draw their attention on a particular aspect or you can influence how others see anything.

Framing techniques are helpful to create marketing gimmicks. By which advertisers trick consumers into buying their products. As we see things the way they portrayed or framed to us.

Here are some main Characteristics of framing:

  • Good frames are powerful and simple hence they are easy to remember. It gives you free airtime.
  • It activates train of thoughts and leads the conversation.
  • It should have a high level of common sense.
  • It must sound like you probably have a high burden of proof hence no one can afford to disagree with.
  • It attacks your opponent’s core value which urges them to respond.
  • Tap the undercurrents and put your opponent on the defensive which is not a comfortable position. It makes them complex and vulnerable.

Learning the effective framing is an ongoing process. but, you can learn and master this technique with effort and dedication. Before entering in an argument, Keep your purpose and your audience in mind if possible. So that you can frame a response that leads you towards your goals and nourishes the leader inside you.

For now, signing off until next post. 

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