7 Outdated Fashion “Rules” You Need to Break Right Now

Fashion is constantly changing, so why get stuck with old rules?

The last thing you should do is to always believe that the fashion rules your grandma used to tell you before are still applicable today. Centering your fashion on rules designed for a different era will only inhibit you from achieving a flawless sense of style.

Clothing also plays a vital role in shaping your mood and confidence, so you shouldn’t let outdated fashion rules dictate what you should wear. It’s about time you reexamine your fashion style and put to rest the following style myths:

Don’t wear denim on denim:

Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash

This is a good rule to break as long as you don’t go overboard. The key to mixing denim pieces is to pay attention to color and keep silhouettes tailored. To successfully pull off a denim-on-denim look, follow these tips:

  • Play with colors – Start by pairing different shades of denim. For instance, you can go with white jeans and a blue denim jacket or black jeans and a chambray shirt.
  • Use denim shades – You can use the lighter shades of denim to draw attention to a specific body part. On the other hand, darker shades give a slimming effect.
  • Don’t wear denim with similar weight or wash – This produces too much of a “matchy-matchy” effect which can ruin the entire look.
  • Try distressed denim – Ripped jeans or jean shorts is the easiest way to achieve the denim-on-denim look in style.
  • Elevate double denim – Add more flair to your double denim outfit with luxe-looking items. This can be done with fabulously “painted” red lips, a tuxedo blazer, or statement heels.

Always match shoes and bags:


With so many shoe and bag style options to choose from, there’s no reason to continue sticking with this rule.

Your shoes and bags should complement your outfit but that doesn’t mean they need to match each other. As long as they work with your clothing, you can pick whatever colors you want.

Don’t wear white after Labor Day:

No one can stop you from wearing white, not even after Labor Day. White bags, coats, clothing, and even shoes are most definitely in at summertime and during the winter months. Modern dressers can break this rule by paying close attention to material and texture.

Leave white garments in lighter fabrics such as canvas, seersucker, thin cotton, and linen for the summer. Those kinds of fabrics will look awkward when it’s cold outside. Go for clothing made of cashmere, wool, flannel, or mohair for your winter white look.

Avoid mixing patterns:


Most people retreat from mixing patterns because doing so takes careful consideration. But if you want to add a modern vibe to your wardrobe, mixing patterns is a must-try. Start by selecting items in the same family of colors to ensure that your choices will harmonize.

When thinking about which pieces to pair, go for the same pattern in different colors like African prints. For women’s pants or skirts, you may want to choose basic patterns like polka dots or stripes. Paying attention to scale is the most important factor to consider when mixing patterns.

Never mix black with brown or navy:

Black, brown, and navy are neutrals, which means you can wear them with almost anything. The secret to breaking this rule is to be intentional with your pairings. Make color combinations appear deliberate instead of random.

Go for contrast when pairing black and brown. For instance, pair a black suit with a cognac shoe or a black oxford shirt with a tan belt. When it comes to pairing black with navy, a good place to start is with a closet staple – a pair of jeans.

Don’t incorporate metal accessories in your wardrobe:

With so many cute metallic pieces of jewelry out there, it would be such a shame to only wear them with a few limited pieces. Metallic accessories are actually modern neutrals, and you can wear them with whatever clothing you want.

Don’t hesitate to layer gold, silver, and bronze together or put on some silver flats while wearing gold earrings on.

Don’t wear socks with sandals:


It’s definitely possible to wear socks with your sandals.

You can make this look work by pairing high-heeled sandals with delicate, lacy socks. It may be a brave look to pull off but, it’s within your reach as long as you wear it with confidence.

Dress as you wish. Faithfully sticking to fashion rules is way too much of a hassle, and can sometimes be restrictive. Today’s fashion styles celebrate freedom of style and self-expression, so make do with what you have in your closet and break out of the aforementioned outdated rules.

Focus more on comfort and what goes well with your outfits, and always, always step out with confidence.


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