20 Do’s & Don’ts For Better College or Academic Life

School and college life is the key to the future. However, it does not only belong to being book smart and having a college degree. It’s about being better in all aspects of life such as socially, academically and personally. 
People often say that “It is very tough to get a job nowadays”.
Yes, it is. Let me tell you it’s not impossible. If you have skills, no one can ever stop you in any field of your life. It might take some time but it will happen for sure. You will be successful.
But if you are not skilled. How is it possible to get a job or start a business. then it will become a tough cookie.
I know few engineering guys and girls and who were looking for jobs. but
They cannot do programming.
They do not have good aptitude skills.
No Communication skills.
No Language skills.
Extracurricular? No.
They only Passed by studying one night before the exam. Only clearing exams like this will lead you nowhere.
I agree that In India our higher education syllabus is not up to date, but at least try opening the books and study. It’s outdated but it’s not waste. You will definitely learn a lot of things. It will make your basics concepts strong and prepare you for further adventures.
Apart from studies here are some more do’s and don’t you must keep in mind to rock college life.



  1. Don’t be a back-bencher. It seems cool and fun during school and college but hit you hard in the future.
  2. Don’t bunk class too often, it’s OK to bunk sometimes.
  3. Don’t be a mugger. Do all the projects and assignments by yourself.
  4. Stop watching Bollywood crap. It’s all fictional it has nothing to do with real life.
  5. Don’t break the rules unnecessary, If you are living in PG/hostel.
  6. Don’t eat junk/street food too much.
  7. Don’t spend much time watching movies.
  8. Don’t get addicted to social media.
  9. Don’t spend too much time hanging out with friends. It will make you miserable later on. Too much socializing = bad grades.
  10. If you’re having issues with your roommate, talk about them. Don’t let them build up to the point where you can’t stand with each other.
  11. Don’t be a textbook monk. Read Reference books and try to gather practical knowledge as well.
  12. Don’t get into a relationship until you have achieved something.
  13. Don’t stop giving your best because someone hasn’t credited you.
  14. “First benchers share books and notes and last benchers share love and memories”. Such stupid quotes are written by people who waste time on social media. Do not get motivated by such idiotic stuff.
  15. NEVER take drugs, weed, cigarettes, alcohol to look cool. They aren’t cool. They are harmful. Be responsible. Stay away from them. Many bright students ruining their lives because of this stuff.
  16. Don’t do anything stupid (or illegal). It will go down on your permanent record.
  17. Failures are always going to be there. Don’t let one failure convince you in believing that you can’t do it. learn to bounce back.
  18. Value your life. Remember this point when you are going for a bike ride or depressed after a failure or heartbreak. Do not do anything harmful in the heat of the moment.
  19. Don’t blame others for your mistakes. Being an adult means taking responsibility for everything that happens to you.
  20. Don’t walk alone in the dark. Walk with someone. Practice safety.


good-study-habits (1)

  1. Practice the habit of self-study. In college, you’ll not be taught everything. There is no point whining about it.
  2. Reference books are the real king. Read them as a hobby.
  3. Many companies offer Training and internships during semester break. Join them.
  4. Take part in Academic events other than your college studies.
  5. Take smart notes. Find a note-taking system that works well for you.
  6. If you can live harmoniously with someone in a 20×20 ft. space, you can do anything.
  7. Take part in Sports / cultural events.
  8. Focus on practical knowledge. You learn the most of stuff in Labs, not in class.
  9. Get to know your professors. they really like it when someone is interested in classes. Learn from them and be grateful.
  10. Study groups can be helpful. if you really want to study. otherwise, it turns into a social event.
  11. Even if money doesn’t matter to you much, try to do part-time jobs once in a while. You will learn the value of money and better understand your father’s feelings.
  12. Sit in each campus interviews. You will learn a lot.
  13. If you are an engineering student, Try to clear GATE exam. Nowadays a lot of government / private companies rely on the GATE scorecard.
  14. Communication skills / English / Aptitude skills do matter a lot in interviews. Learn them side by side. Communication skills are among the more important things recruiters look for in students.
  15. You should have a clear idea of what you want from your life By the time you complete graduation. Higher studies? Job? Business-startup? Management course? Whatever you like, go for it.
  16. Keep on reading, you will always learn something new.
  17. Find your passion, don’t want to get placed in a job only.
  18. Have discipline in life. It will work everywhere.
  19. Well dressed man is hotter than a bare-chested guy with six-packs. No need to join gyms and opt for six pack abs. simple running stretching and yoga exercise are way better than the gym workout. Your body will thank you for this.
  20. Choose your friends very sincerely. People start bad things under the influence of their friends only. If you feel like they are dragging you back, let go of them.
  21. Invest in a hobby. Like singing, dancing, reading, writing anything. It helps you when you need a break and you can enjoy your time productively.
  22. People will always try to tell you what to do and what not to. Listen to only the experienced and genuine ones.
  23. You may feel like your parents are hovering too much. Don’t get irritated, they’ve been taking care of you since you were a baby. Cut them some slack. The more independent and wise decisions you make on your own, the more they will have confidence in your abilities as an adult.
  24. Keep a journal if you can. It’s great to be able to go back and see how you’ve progressed over the years.

Be confident, get out of your comfort zone, and try new things. Enjoy your college experience – it’s one most rewarding experiences of your life.

Feel free to add your bits of advice!

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