5 Things You Must Avoid to Treat Dark Eye Bags

Certainly, you hate it when you see those dark and/or puffy luggage under your eyes. They ruin how you look and eventually take away the bloom on your face and the brightness in your eyes. The skin under your eye gets dark and becomes very noticeable as it is the only portion that looks like that. Those eye bags are part of your skin already since they’ve been resting there for some time now.

You might have used many products and slept a lot to take those dark eye bags off your skin, but did they work? If they did, you can continue reading just to get more informed; if they didn’t work for you, this is the piece you should never ignore if you want to remove those dark eye bags!under-eye-bag-products

You might have taken several skincare steps to solve the dark eye bags problem, yet there’s still no improvement. Probably, it’s because there are things such as hobbies and favorites you haven’t worked out on dropping or lessening yet.

Here are 5 things you must limit or stop yourself from getting because they cause your eye bags to develop and toughen:


Surprise! The salt you add to your food to increase flavor or to balance the taste, or probably the salt you plainly eat on its own can lead to dark and puffy eye bags. Just like anything, too much salt is bad for the body in many ways. In this case, too much sodium is not good for the skin.

If you plainly eat salt or use a lot of it as a dip for your sour green mango, you will notice how pale to white your lips become. They look scary because they seem like they ran out of blood. That happens because too much salt, partnered with lack of drinking water, tends to dry you out. That occurs as your cells experience sodium imbalance.

When do eye bags appear? Because your body knows when you’ve taken in excessive sodium, it works on its own good by holding onto excess fluids to save you from getting totally dehydrated. Those excess fluids are the only hope, so they are retained and gathered, thus, bloating happens and puffiness of the under-eyes can be seen. It works alike in other body parts as well.


Have you noticed that after removing your makeup, your eyes look different and under them are portions of skin darker than the others? Makeup has many purposes which are subjectively important to people. Be aware that not removing your makeup causes dark eye bags. Make sure that you gently remove it so as not to further cause irritation due to harsh rubbing on the sensitive skin areas.

There are negative effects by letting your eye makeup stay on your skin. The skin encircling the eyes may show signs of irritation. If you think to let your eyes be filled with makeup for a very long time, especially as you sleep, results in a better “beauty” (literally) sleep, you’re thinking wrongly. You’re just enabling your under-eyes to have more chances of getting dark and the irritants to take greater advantage on your skin.

Your skin might also weaken and appear old since leaving makeup on as you sleep for long hours can quicken your skin’s aging time. Not only dark circles around your eyes but also wrinkles can be visible at an early age.


Alcohol dehydrates your skin. It doesn’t do so by literally and directly going through your skin (something like pouring a glass of beer onto your skin). Instead, it happens as you drink too much of it!

The body has this hormone that allows the body to reabsorb liquids, specifically water. That hormone enables the body to pee as needed, controllably and not unusually frequent. Alcohol disrupts your body’s natural urination as it reduces the making of those hormones. As a result, you will urinate from time to time, and it’s even harder to hold it back than when you’re just normally holding it back. Vomiting due to too much alcohol intake also causes dehydration.

Alcohol can destroy your skin, especially if it’s prone to other skin problems. Under-eyes become dark and sunken. When you drink alcohol, small blood vessels present in the skin enlarge, leading to more visibility of bluish and dark veins under-eyes. Discoloration happens.

Just because you “just drink” it and “not apply” it doesn’t mean your skin can’t be affected. What’s inside comes out to show itself. Lack of internal hydration leads to the unhealthy and lackluster skin.


You know that cigarettes darken the lips and the mouth area, right? But it doesn’t just end there. Cigarette smoking actually affects the whole body’s skin. Aside from the mouth that is directly in contact with the tobacco, the eyes also are harmed.

You will notice how heavy smokers’ eyes look wrinkled, tired and aged. That is because cigarettes hold toxic chemicals that build dark eye bags and make eyes look gloomy.

Healthy cells in the body get damaged by the smoke from the tobacco. Collagen, the protein that strengthens and causes resilience to the skin, fails to be produced due to it.  

Smoking emphasizes eye bags. Again, the body naturally does its thing to save itself from getting desiccated so it retains water in the eye area.

Don’t say e-cigarettes can lessen the negative effects because the chemical contents are still the same negative ones. Smoke, wherever it comes from, really has bad effects. Just take a look at yourself every after commuting through air pollution; you look dull and haggard. The same thing happens as you continue smoking that cig.


Indeed, the sun has important nutrients needed by your skin for it to glow and grow even healthier and free from illnesses… but again and again, too much of it is harmful to the thin area around your eyes. The skin can go saggy and wrinkled due to dehumidification.

The eye area has the thinnest skin portions in your body, thus, it is surely essential to protect them from the sun. That’s certainly why sunglasses are not just for fashion but also for health purposes.


Basically, from the above-mentioned things to lessen or avoid taking in or getting exposed to, dehydration is a really huge cause of getting those dark circles/dark eye bags that make you look older than your age. Not only what seeps directly into your skin does something, but most importantly, what you also take inside (eat and drink) affects your skin greatly!

Keep hydrated and try your best to reduce or totally give up on those bad elements for your skin so you will feel fresher, and you look more glowing with your beautiful eyes and its nice surroundings.


AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Geniale, a holistic Medical Aesthetics, and Skin Cancer Centre in Australia that aims to provide brilliant experience, treatment, and result to its guests. Because of the course, she took up in college, she has become interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be all the glory”

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