It is a given fact that the brain is the human body’s most complex organ. Although it is just a small part of the body, the brain is figuratively a big organ that keeps us functioning normally every day. It does a lot of work like controlling all our sensations and movements, as well as, the flow of our thoughts. However, the brain’s complexities make it one of the most delicate and most vulnerable body parts, and if it gets compromised, we are as good as dead.

Apparently, the brain does not stop working, even when we are sleeping. Despite such fact, it still needs to get some rest in order to function effectively. But because we are currently living in a highly modernized world, the brain starts to lose its focus to the point that we become anxious, depressed, indecisive, an insomniac.


When such circumstances happen, most of us tend to ignore the problems because we think that they are not REAL problems. Well, a few people would actually question why their brains no longer function as sharp as before. But more people would not do anything at all because they believe that it is inevitable for our brains to deteriorate, which is actually not true.

Consequently, a recent research has revealed that our modern lifestyle, and not our biological makeup, is the primary cause of our mental decline these recent times. As such, here are 5 terrible modernized ways that greatly damage how the human brain works.

Eating modern types of foods is a bad eating habit:

Whether we admit it or not, our modern lifestyle has changed what we eat and how we eat today. In fact, the preference of most people these days is buying fast foods like fries and burger rather than spending time in the kitchen to prepare and cook healthy dishes. This is because fast foods are way faster to get and cheaper than spending on raw ingredients.

But this modern diet is not ideal since it is loaded with a lot of chemical additives, preservatives, sugar, and saturated fats, which can deteriorate the functionalities of the brain. This type of eating habit has also led to the increasing cases of different lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even Alzheimer’s disease. If for instance, you are eating hamburgers, pizzas, and fries almost every day, then you are in danger of developing Alzheimer’s disease, which is a mental deterioration caused by the brain’s degeneration.

The sad reality is that unhealthy foods are available almost everywhere, and kids are the ones who usually buy them. If children are not properly guided when it comes to their diet, then the possibilities of developing neurological disorders are definitely high.

Spending too much time on electronic devices instead of exercising:

Another modern way of destroying your brain is spending too much of your time on your electronic gadgets that emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). These Emfs ruptures the highly delicate and sensitive brain cell membranes, that’s why you suddenly get dizzy when you look at your devices for a very long time.

Although there are apps catered to exercise the brain, you tend to forget to do just a little physical exercise because most of your time is spent on your devices. This is so true nowadays. Instead of doing simple workout activities like brisk walking and jogging or playing sports, most people are holding and facing their mobile phones, tablets, and/or portable computers. All they ever do is play online games and/or keep themselves updated on different social networking sites, which are not healthy for the brain.

According to Harvard Medical School, being physically active improves your thinking skills and sharpens your memory. Different forms of exercise, when done regularly, can reduce inflammation and insulin resistance. They can also trigger the stimulation of growth factors, which include the following:

– development of Neuro-chemicals that make the brain cells healthy;

– the formation of new brain blood vessels;

– and the increase of new brain cells with better survival rates.

Furthermore, having regular exercises put you in a better mood and a much healthier sleep, reducing your anxiety and stress levels.

Always staying connected to the internet rather than getting enough sleep:

This is related to number 2. Aside from sparing no time for exercise, we no longer get enough sleep because we keep ourselves connected to the internet. Apparently, with the invention of state-of-the-art and more sophisticated gadgets, it has been easier and more convenient for us to get a decent internet connection and stay active in the digital space.

When social networking sites exploded and became popular, we have already deviated most of our attention to these online venues for lengthy periods of time. In effect, we have deprived ourselves of sleep because we choose to be active online instead of going to sleep. Such circumstance greatly affects how our brains work. If we don’t get the right amount of sleep, then our body becomes weak. More than that, it’s difficult for us to think because our brains have been overworked.

The importance of sleep is not debatable. We NEED to sleep so that our bodies can rejuvenate, and our brains are able to generate new cells. If you don’t give yourself a chance to sleep, at least, 8 hours a day, then you are putting yourself at risk of getting brain damage. This is because new brain cells are not created, causing the brain’s inability to connect with the nerve cells effectively.

Doing numerous things simultaneously or at the same time:

Perhaps, it is natural for us, humans, to multitask, especially when the situation calls for it. What’s more fascinating is that the current trends have even made multitasking easier than we ever think. However, doing numerous activities, even if there are just light tasks, is not advisable. Why?

Although multitasking gets your work done at a much faster pace, it is still not a good idea because it decreases the density of gray matter. When the density goes down, it causes for the cognitive and emotion controls to lose their proper functions. Instead of finishing the tasks, you end up with poor results and exhausted.

As a matter of fact, people who are constantly using their electronic gadgets have more difficulties in recalling information than those persons who choose not to use such devices. With this being said, it is much more productive to concentrate on one task at a time than working on several activities all at the same time.

Having no social life lowers cognitive abilities:

This may seem to be out of what’s being talked about, but it’s actually not. Besides being a thinking box, the brain is designed to make us sociable. As such, it is imperative for us to socialize with other people so that we can think accurately and function properly. But because a lot of people have been busy with their work and gadgets, socialization in terms of person-to-person interaction has been difficult nowadays.

Medical studies have revealed that persons who interact and mingle with other people have better performance on cognitive tests than those individuals who don’t want to talk at all. Having a lot of friends also helps in distressing since you have an outlet where you can blurt out your problems, leading to a better memory and mental sharpness. But if you have no social life, then you are likely to develop psychological disorders that can lead to a brain damage.

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