A few days back, I was watching a video on YouTube in which a lady with beautiful long tresses was talking about the benefits of using a wooden comb and how it helped her to manage long and healthy hair. I was really impressed and decided to research more about benefits of the wooden comb. And I was stunned by the fact that how beneficial this little baby can be for our hair.

And guess what?  Next day I ordered one for myself. 😀

Using any comb might be okay, but a wooden comb benefits are unbelievable. we always try to maintain healthy hair, prevent hair loss, treat dandruff and what not. Well, a wooden comb could solve all these problems for you.

Our ancestors and Ayurveda experts swear by the benefits of using wooden combs. Want to know why? Read on further to find out.

Nourishes the Hair:

When you comb your hair with a wooden comb, the natural oils from the scalp are equally distributed across the hair. This helps the hair from being free and bouncy. Chances of hair breakage and hair fall are reduced and it becomes shinier, glossier and more radiant.

Healthy Scalp:

Using wooden comb increases the blood circulation on the scalp and it feels like a good scalp massage as the acupressure points are kindled. When we press the wooden bristles against our scalp, the natural oil from it moves through the hair shafts. As a result, the circulation of blood is boosted all over the scalp which makes it healthy.

Prevent Bruising or Scraping Your Scalp:

Wooden combs have more rounded and smoother teeth, they will not be bruising and scraping the scalp while combing.

Encourages Hair Growth:

A healthy scalp leads to long and strong hair. As wooden combs increase blood circulation throughout the scalp, it becomes easy for the hair follicles to get enough vital nutrients. Moreover, the secretion of sebum is regulated and the impurities are completely eliminated from the hair, which also stimulates the growth of our locks.

Prevents Hair Loss and Hair Breakage:

Choosing wooden combs over plastic or metal combs make more sense, as they are they glide smoothly through the scalp, thus making de-tangling much easier. Also, since it is wide-toothed, it doesn’t pull or break the hair.

No Dryness Or Greasiness:

One reason that stands out is the proper distribution of sebum on the scalp. Sebum is natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands under the surface of the scalp’s skin. While you use a wooden comb, psychologically and physically you wouldn’t feel a thing, and hence comb better than what you would with plastic or metal combs. This helps spread the oils on the scalp better over the mid-lengths to the tips of the hair. It leaves your hair less greasy and oily, much lesser than what would otherwise be the case when you use metal or plastic combs.

Prevents Damage From Static Electricity:

When you use a plastic comb or brush, a static electricity is produced in your hair. It speeds up the reduction of energy of the hair to the brain. But being an insulator, wood cannot conduct electricity. Hence, using wooden combs or brushes can help you stay away from the damages resulted from static.

Try rubbing your hair gently with either of these combs and then place bits of paper under the comb, you would notice how the hair sticks to it like iron to a magnet. This is static.

Wooden combs prevent the hair from getting static, thus preventing hair loss and damage. Wooden combs wouldn’t allow that to happen!

Helps In Reducing Dandruff:

wooden combs, which are softer and gentler on the hair and the scalp. The wooden teeth of the comb won’t nick and cut the scalp or ill-distribute the oils on the scalp and hair. Hence, no chances of dandruff from happening.

Adds Bounce To Your Hair:

Wooden combs make the hair bounce with life.When there is a good distribution of sebum and proper circulation on the scalp and the hair, the hair would be healthy and bouncy. This is what you would get with wooden combs only, and not with plastic or metal combs.

Removes Dirt And Foreign Particles:

While you gently brush your hair with a wooden brush, chances are more dirt and foreign particles would be brushed away from the hair. Since metal and plastic have high static charge in them, the dirt sticks to it and would be redistributed over the hair. Wooden works for us to keep the hair clean and clear of the elements around!

Lesser Allergies:

Plastic and metal combs can create allergies to the sensitive scalp, it would be wise to use wooden combs. The natural components of wooden combs and brushes make them hypoallergenic. Some of them even come with a protective coating. So, you have lesser chances to develop severe allergies on your scalp.

Removes Tiredness:

When you use wooden combs to comb the hair and gently massage the scalp, they provide a relaxing massage. This helps ease the nerves and calm the mind to a large extent. The same cannot be said or experienced with a plastic comb or a metal comb that has harsh and sharp teeth.

Can Be Used With Blow Dryer:

You don’t have to worry about the combs heating up when used with a hair dryer since wood is not a conductor of heat. Plastic and metal combs can conduct heat to a certain extent, and it could become unbearable to hold if you hold them too close to the hair dryer when styling or combing your hair. This wouldn’t happen with wooden combs.

Internal Health:

Wooden combs when used help rejuvenates the scalp and the cells under it. This allows for more relaxation and peace and also helps calm the mind to a large extent. This is why, instead of using metal and plastic combs, the use of wooden combs has been advised by holistic beauticians across the globe. It is all about the mind-body connection here. When the mind is at rest, the body internally and externally is at peace too.

Suitable For All Types Of Hair:

N0 matter what your hair type is, wooden combs work best for the hair every hair type, much more than what plastic or metal combs can do for the hair.

Here are some more bonus tips. Take a look.

  • Use Vaseline to rub on the comb and its teeth. Wait for an hour and then wipe dry with a dry cloth.
  • Do not use water, because wood is prone to damages.
  • Do not use a blow dryer or a hair dryer to dry the combs.
  • Never pre-soak the wooden comb, it loses its durability.
  • Never ever wash with harsh chemicals and detergents.

so that’s all about the benefits of using a wooden comb for healthy hair. I hope you enjoyed reading it. When are you making the switch?

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    It goes without saying the content above hits the nail in the head for many reasons. It avoids the common traps and traps so many fall into: getting horrible alternatives. Keep up the great content!

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