Athlete’s foot is a fungal disease that affects the skin of the feet, also known as tinea pedis. It’s a very commonly occurring fungal infection and can spread up to the toe tails. Those who wear a very tight fitting shoes and socks are easily prone to this fungal infection.

The symptoms of this infection are the appearance of scaly rashes which cause burning, itching and stinging sensation in the affected region. This infection is highly contagious.

The infection once treated means also there is a chance for reappearing of the fungal infection. Antifungal medications are used widely in treating this condition.

A statistical data says that this athlete’s foot infection is affected approximately 10 millions of people in India in a year. This is a short-term occurring infection usually in few days to one week period of time.

In this article let’s see the best-practiced home remedy method to treat this athlete’s foot effectively.


• Use tea tree oil in the affected areas. It has the anti- germ property hence would be the perfect choice for treating this fungal infection.

• Take 2-3 tbsp of salt and in a bucket add few amount of water to it and now add this salt and now immerse your feet nicely. Immersion of your feet in the salt solution has to be at least for ½ an hour to 45 minutes. It’s a good remedy too.

• Take baking soda in few amount and now rub this baking soda in between the fingers of legs. Now apply it nicely throughout that region and allow it to dry well for some time and then wash it with clean water. you will be amazed by the results after trying this method. It’s a very simple practice that can be done by anyone at less cost.

• Take the boric acid solution, now wash well your feet in this mild solution of boric acid and then wash your feet in fresh water. It has excellent results.

• Take onion especially small onions, now peel the skin and make a juice out of it. Take this onion juice and apply on the affected region twice a day, it’s a very easily available home remedy at all times, that works well.

• Through diet, if you want to heal this infection, have garlic in your diet on daily basis, so that the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of garlic help in the healing of the fungal infection.

• Take half a bucket of water, add 10- 15 drops of vinegar to it, now mix it well. Clean your toes and feet with this solution, it has well-proven results.

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