Spirulina- What makes this Algae More Beneficial

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In this session today we are going to talk about powerful algae called spirulina, this is a blue-green alga usually spirally coiled in shape which seems to be multicellular. it is most commonly seen in marine waters, fresh waters, hot springs, moist soils, brackish water and also in inland saline lakes.

It is an excellent source of protein (67%), vitamins and minerals. They are dense rich in Beta-carotene; Spirulina is recognized as a dietary supplement in the year 1980 by the US Federal Drug Administration.
Nuclina and Spirudox are the common names of spirulina available in India.

Health Benefits of Spirulina-

Spirulina has the higher digestibility rate as 84% which makes it easily digested by the human system when spirulina is consumed. It can fulfill the daily requirements of amino acids, vitamins, minerals when taken 20 g for an adult man in a day. Generally, this spirulina is rich in beta-carotene and they tend to prevent the onset of cancer.



Where does this Spirulina grow-

A Larger quantity of spirulina is cultured in artificial ponds or tanks and also in oxidation ponds.

Uses of Spirulina-

It is widely used for several purposes, such as a cosmetic agent, a therapeutic agent and as health food.

Let us discuss it in detail below:

Spirulina as Therapeutic Agent-

Spirulina, when taken as a supplement, helps to lower weight, reduce the blood sugar and decrease the cholesterol level in blood also they can promote quick wound healing. 

Premenstrual stress in women is reduced when it is taken 3 gram in the previous night of menstrual cycle, The active compound phycocyanin, develop a stronger immune system.

Vision power is increased when taken continuously. they also have a vital role in preventing cancerous cells because of the presence of anti-cancerous agent named beta-carotene, they have the power to increase the lactation level in nourishing mothers.

Raw material for Cosmetics-

It is used as a main raw material in the cosmetic field such as producing hair oils, lipsticks and face creams.

Spirulina as an Animal Feed-

Feeds when supplemented with spirulina increases the lactation level, the meat quality and quantity of the animal or fish is improved and increased in volume when taken this spirulina supplement on a regular basis.


It is photosynthetic multicellular microbe; simply we can say that spirulina is the complete source of nutrition. The functions of spirulina are the good antioxidant, anti-cancerous, anti- inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergic, antidiabetic and plethora of beneficial functions.  Thus they are an excellent natural nutritional supplement, so try to incorporate it into your diet and get benefit out of it.

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Great post! Is it safe to give it to kids, if so what is the dosage? Any idea that spirulina can also be added while cooking?

thank you Megala.
Yes! Spirulina is absolutely safe for kids. it is a complete vegetarian protein source and can be added while cooking also 🙂

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