Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Can Cause Cancer

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Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder

An American court has ordered the leading pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson, to pay an amount of 110 million US dollars to the petitioner. The petitioner is a female who claims to have become a victim of cancer due to excessive use of the talcum powder made by the company.

A 62-year-old Luis claimed that she became a victim of ovary cancer. She said that she had been using the talcum powder of the company Johnson and Johnson for over 40 years continuously. Counsel for the petitioner told the court in his arguments that the company did not issue any warnings or precautionary measures. He was of the view that its the due right of the consumers to know about the facts and figures of their product.

Luis was first diagnosed with cancer in 2012,She was told that cancer has also affected her liver and now she is on chemotherapy. Fast foods, synthetic and fabricated products, laser beams, x-rays, cold drinks, and pollution are the live threats to become a victim of this chronic disease.

Multinational companies are corporative capitalists and their only aim is to maximize their wealth. Many reports reveal that these companies produce a virus to spread a disease and then suddenly advertise the immediate cure of that disease. This way, they aim to sell their products.

The American Drug Administration has registered several cases against such fraudulent companies in the past but this business is still in the mystery. Allopathic medicine bear severe side effects in each case. Medical science is hesitantly turning to herbal and homeopathic medication.
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Reference –  Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $110m in US talc cancer case


Finally they have been made to pay up. I studied Refloxolgy years ago and we used a talc on the feet. But it was the other one made of cornstarch due to the powder getting into the lungs. When my children were young I never used there products as there were reports even in the late 70’s of a possible cancer risk. There shampoos etc are made from petrol products ….

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