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Nowadays makeup has become an integral part of our life and each of us wants to master the art but sometimes it seems very difficult to come out with perfect makeup look, because the key to perfect makeup look is perfect base and to create a perfect base, it is very important to know your skin tone.
If you know your skin tone then not only you can find a perfect foundation for yourself but you can also find a perfect lipstick shade, perfect hair color and can explore many more things in makeup.
In this article, I am going to help you to find out your skin tone.


You probably already have an idea of your skin color, for instance.

Fair – You’re very fair, and burn easily.

Light – You have generally light-colored skin, but you have more yellow or beige undertones than fair skin. (More on undertones below.)

Medium – Your skin is a more medium color, with potential olive undertones.

Dark – You have dark skin and/or a deep complexion.

The surface color can change depending on a lot of things.

What is skin tone or undertone:

Skin tone is not the color of your skin that is your complexion (light medium dark), the surface of your skin.
Skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin in your skin which doesn’t change from skin conditions like acne or rosacea and sun exposure.
Your skin tone will be one of the following: cool, warm, or neutral.

Here is what each of these terms means:

Cool -Hints of bluish, pink, or a red complexion.

Warm-yellow, peachy, golden undertones.

Neutral- a mix of warm and cool undertones.

Find out your skin tone:

Keep in mind your skin tone does not necessarily match what you see on the surface. Before you examine your skin tone, make sure your skin is clean. 
Use natural lighting when examining your skin.

Here I am listing down few facts that will help you to find out your skin tone.

Cool undertone:

The quickest way to determine your undertone is to look at the color of the veins on the inside of your wrist in natural light. Make sure that your wrist is clean and free from the product. If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone.

The amount of melanin determines how your skin reacts to sun exposure and can help you determine your skin tone. If your skin burns and doesn’t tan, you have less melanin and therefore a cooler skin tone.

Use gold and silver jewelry to find your skin tone. Note whether it makes your face look grayish or washed out, or if it enhances your skin. If the reflection from the silver makes your skin glow, you have a cool skin tone.

Warm undertone:

If the veins on the inside of your wrist appear green in natural light, you have a warm skin tone.

Your Skin reacts normally to the sun if you tan easily and rarely burn, you have more melanin and you likely have a warm or neutral skin tone.

If the gold jewelry looks best on you, you have a warm skin tone

Neutral undertone:

If you can’t tell if your veins are green or blue, you may have a neutral skin tone.If you have an olive complexion, you likely fall into this category.

Try gold and silver jewelry and notice which one is more flattering. If you don’t notice a difference (both silver and gold are flattering), then you likely have a neutral skin tone.

If you have acne, rosacea, or another condition then Ask your friend to look at the skin behind your ear As this area is less likely to be affected.
Yellowish skin- your skin tone is warm.
Pink or rosy skin-your skin tone is cool.

This might sound a lot of work to do, but it will be totally worth it because once you know your skin tone it will change your makeup game. You can choose right foundation, and You’ll be amazed by how natural-looking the results can be!


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