Multivitamins; A Health Liability?


After an initial research in 1940, multivitamins were being used by the American as health and nutrition supplement. This trend continues with millions of human beings using multivitamins to boost their health and address their nutrition needs. The share of multivitamins is 5.7 b$ in the total sale of health supplements amounting to 37 b$. The Pfizer owned Centrum brand is the world’s largest selling brand of multivitamins. 


The vitamin industry lacks proper regulations and standards. Multinational pharmaceutical companies invest billions of dollars in the advertisement of their brands. This money needs to be recovered with considerable profit from the immorally and illegally convinced through false claims. These supplements lack natural blending combinations. Instead, these supplements are synthetically, chemically or artificially produced that are harmful to health in most cases. In some cases, these supplements cause fatness and increase your weight. A detailed guide to control your weight and decrease your belly fat is available here on trendock.

Some of these chemically and synthetically formulated ingredients have been reported for severe complications and caused adverse effects among the users. Some of the vitamins and their side effects are listed below with a brief description.

Hydrogenated oil:

Hydrogenated oil becomes toxic under extreme temperatures. It will be hard to determine the required temperature without a sophisticated laboratory. Common users of the hydrogenated oil still need to be educated about its implications. These oils may cause to clog the arteries and produce bandage artery walls which are harmful to heart functioning.

Calcium Carbonate:

Found in rocks, shells and sometimes in pearls, this compound is used to enhance calcium levels in the human body. Recent studies have proved its link with heart problems such as myocardial infections. Including other heart diseases, calcium has been found involved in causing strokes and other heat-related complications.

Zinc Oxide:

In Europe, zinc oxide has been declared as harmful and hazardous. Most of the sunscreens are toxic whereas zinc oxide produces SPF in the sunscreen. Zinc oxide is also a cause of diarrhea, constipation and stomach problems.

Most of the vitamins and artificially, chemically or synthetically developed minerals, vitamins or proteins bear almost the same health liabilities. To avoid such complications, always prefer to use natural means of vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, fresh fruit, dry fruits and regular exercise. Vegetables are the ultimate and rich source of vitamins and proteins. Strictly follow the balance diet chart and avoid going to doctors.

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