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18-amazing-benefits-of-neem-leaves-for-skin-hair-and-healthTreat acne/pimples– Boil at least 20 Neem leaves in a half  liter of water until leaves turn soft and discolored and the water turns greenish. Then strain the water and store it in the bottle. Dip the cotton ball in it and wipe your face with it.

Using Neem water daily as a skin toner will help in clearing acne scars and pigmentation and blackheads too.

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  1. Thank you chetna ma’am👍

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  2. Thanks Chetna for your great words. Have heard that Neem leaves have lots of healthy properties in them.


  3. I remember using neem leaves paste for dandruff and acne as a teenager. But these days neem trees are rare to find. Thanks for sharing Chetana👍

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  4. Welcome dear, Thanks for reading😊

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  5. Thank you Radhika for stopping by😊

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