Metabolism: same for everyone but some people’s are “faster” or “slower” than others because the rate at which your body burns calories and converts fuel to energy can also affect how easily you gain or lose weight.While much of your metabolic rate is determined by genetics, age, gender, and body size, there are some diet and lifestyle changes that ca speed up the process.



  • EAT ENOUGH– Well, if you take in too few calories, it can cause your body to lose muscle mass, which will decrease the rate of your metabolism. Plus, when you skip calories, your body slows the rate at which is burns calories. Instead of cutting calories, use the simple diet and exercise hacks  that can help you slim down quickly and safely without screwing up your metabolism.
  • LAUGH MORE- Genuine laughter may cause a 10–20 percent increase in energy expenditure and resting heart-rate, according to a study 10-15 minute giggle fest could burn up 40 to 170 calories.
  • DRINK MORE WATER-Weight loss doesn’t get easier than this: Simply drinking more water may increase the rate at which healthy people burn calories, according to a study After drinking approximately  2 tall glasses participants’ metabolic rates increased by 30 percent.
  • DRINK GREEN TEA-If you always opt for coffee over tea, you could be missing out a major metabolism boost. a recent study shows that who drink 4-5 cups of green tea daily, then did a 25-minute workout, lose more pounds and more belly fat than the non-tea-drinking exercisers.The brew contains catechins, a type of antioxidant that triggers the release of fat from fat cells and helps speed the liver’s capacity for turning fat into energy.
  • USE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILOur bodies need dietary fat; particularly healthy oils; in order to lose weight and function properly. The right kinds of fats and oils help repress hunger, maximize your metabolism, and speed nutrients through your body. Healthy fats like olive oil can actually help the body to burn calories. Plus, olive oil is also loaded with polyphenols, antioxidants that help battle many diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, and brain deterioration.
  • EAT ENOUGH PROTEIN DAILY– Protein into every meal helps build and maintain lean muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories than fat does, even at rest, Research shows that getting plenty of protein can boost your metabolism, and helps you to burn an extra 150 to 200 calories a day.
  • CHOOSE WHOLE GRAINS-It takes the body extra effort to break down whole grains than more refined and processed grains. You can help keep your metabolic rate elevated by consuming foods that the body has to work harder to digest. Your go-to are whole foods that are also rich in fiber. I’m talking about talking brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, and sprouted grain bread.
  • EAT SALMON- There are plenty of fish in the sea, but salmon may be the best one for your metabolism. In fact, one study that looked at the effects of weight loss and seafood consumption showed salmon to be the most effective at reducing inflammation — better than cod, fish oil, and a no-fish diet.


  • GRAB AN APPLE-Eating an apple each day can help prevent metabolic syndrome, a disorder associated with abdominal fat, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. They’ll keep the doctor away  because apples are a low-calorie, nutrient dense source of fiber, which studies have proven to be integral to reducing fat.
  • EAT AVOCADO-It’s like butter that grows on trees. But instead of cholesterol, trans and saturated fats in butter, avocado contains metabolism-enhancing monounsaturated fat. But that’s not all. Each one is also packed with fiber and free-radical-killing antioxidants.
  • EAT BEANS-Not only are they a great source of non-animal derived protein, they’re also packed with both soluble and insoluble fiber. The process of digesting the fiber and proteins in beans burns extra calories, and both types of fiber help lower insulin levels after digestion and cause your body to store less fat.
  • EAT BROCCOLI-Calcium and vitamin C team up well to boost metabolism. Broccoli contains both nutrients, Broccoli contains a compound that works on a genetic level to effectively “switch off” cancer genes, leading to the targeted death of cancer cells and slowing of disease progression.
  • HAVE AN EGG YOLK—OR TWO!- Although it’s true that egg whites are low in calories, fat-free and contains most of the protein found in an egg, eating the entire egg is beneficial to your metabolism. The yolk contains many metabolism-stoking nutrients, including fat-soluble vitamins, essential fatty acid.
  • EAT GARLIC– Studies shows that garlic supports blood-sugar metabolism and helps control lipid (fat) levels in the blood. Adding garlic to foods that are rich in fats and carbohydrates may keep those substances from doing the damage they’re known to do. eating garlic can help boost your immune system, help ward off heart disease, fight inflammation, and lower blood pressure.
  • SKIP DIET SODA- Yes, it has zero calories, but drinking diet soda may damage your goal of having a flat belly. Studies show that artificially sweetened beverages may screw up the body’s normal metabolic response to sugar, actually increasing appetite! Increasingly, diet drinks are being linked with weight gain, metabolic syndrome and a host of other ills.
  • EAT LENTILS DAILYYour body can’t work as efficiently to burn calories when it doesn’t have what it needs to work properly. A cup of lentils provides over a third of your daily iron needs. Legumes like lentils also have been shown to drive down bad cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • HAVE SOME NUTS-A low-calorie diet that is rich in almonds could help increase weight loss. also give dieters a full feeling, meaning that they are less likely to overeat. So stock your pantry with almonds, walnuts, and nut butter.
  • REDUCE BOOZE TO BOOST FAT-While drinking  so often won’t do too much harm to your waistline, making it a habit can slow down your metabolic rate. When your body has a cocktail to break down, it takes precedence over any food that you’ve already eaten that’s waiting to be digested. This slows down the entire metabolic process.studies show that boozing can decrease the body’s fat-burning ability by up to 73 percent! Avoid ordering high-cal bar food like fries and burgers.
  • SNACK ON YOGURT– Products like yogurt and fermented foods like pickles help good bacteria in the gut process food more efficiently. Not only is yogurt a great source of protein and calcium, studies have shown that eating it as part of a reduced-calorie diet can increase metabolism. And you can incorporate it into dishes throughout the day.


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