Green tea is good for health but do you know that it also helpful in getting glowing skin? No, I’m not kidding. You can use it as a mask, toner, face pack etc. on your skin. Here are some homemade recepies that you can use to beautify your skin.

  •  FACE PACK – After each cup of green tea that you drink, remove the tea bag and cut it open, empty the content and mix it with honey. Apply the paste on your face. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it off.
  •  SPLASH GREEN TEA ON YOUR FACE-Prepare green tea and let it cool. Splash it all over your face repeatedly and the rinse your face with cold water.
  • DON’T HAVE TIME FOR FULL FACIAL,TRY THIS– Take a green tea bag, run it under the hot water.squeeze out some of the water but not all of it.rub the tea bag all over your face until the bag has cooled off. And you’re done.
  • USE GREEN TEA ON YOUR FACE WITH FACIAL CLEANSER-Cut green tea bag open, empty its content into a small cup. Add two tablespoon of facial cleanser into it. Apply this paste on your face for 5 minutes and scrub it off.
  • GREEN TEA FACIAL STEAM– Boil some water and take a green tea bag, cut it open. Empty the green tea bag into hot water. And take steam for 5 minutes.
  • GREEN TEA ROSEWATER– Boil rose water and add green tea bag into it. Let it cool and store it in a spray bottle or regular bottle. Store it in the fridge. Apply it on your face and under eye area with a cotton pad.
  • GREEN TEA TONER– Make a pot of green tea. Pour it into a container with a lid.dip a cotton ball into green tea and rub it all over your face twice a day to add moisture and unclog pores.

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  1. Chetna Tripathi, your post is very useful. I love what you wrote but you should insert more pictures to illustrate. Thanks for your post.

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  2. Hmm Chetna, what do we really know until we learn? I never knew Green tea could be uses so too. I love drinking it. Now I know what to do with the tea bags. It’s like learning of the nutritive value of banana peels yesterday ha. Thanks for sharing and keep writing

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  3. We can go on and on about the benefits of drinking green tea, but here are just a few: research shows that green tea can create a stimulating effect to help keep us energized and focused, without the jittery side effects of coffee or espresso.


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