18-amazing-benefits-of-neem-leaves-for-skin-hair-and-healthTreat acne/pimples– Boil at least 20 Neem leaves in a half  liter of water until leaves turn soft and discolored and the water turns greenish. Then strain the water and store it in the bottle. Dip the cotton ball in it and wipe your face with it.

Using Neem water daily as a skin toner will help in clearing acne scars and pigmentation and blackheads too.

Lightens skin blemishes-Apply a paste of Neem powder, Tulsi, and sandalwood powder , mix with rose water on your face. Let it dry and wash off with cold water.

Treat dry skin– Mix Neem powder with water and few drops of grape seed oil. And apply it on your face and wash it off.

Anti-aging– Reduce the effect of aging by applying neem oil on your face or adding neem powder in your face pack.

Treat dandruff– Boil neem with water until the water turns greenish. Rinse your hair with this water just after the shampoo. You can also apply the paste of neem leaves on your scalp and wash off after one hour with a mild shampoo.

Heal ulcers–  Some research suggests that taking 30-60 mg of neem bark extract twice daily  for 10 weeks helps to heal stomach and intestinal ulcers.

Control diabetes–  Neem plant contains the chemical that helps in reducing blood sugar level of the body. Neem acts as an insulin after being digest by the body.

Treats mouth and tooth problem-Traditionally,people chewed neem twigs instead of the toothbrush. The twig’s  anti-fungal and antibacterial property helps in treating mouth and tooth problems.

Malaria– Neem leaves used to treat malaria fever. One of the neem components Gedunin is very effective for treating malaria.consuming neem leaves is the acclaimed treatment for malaria.

Cancer– Neem bark leaves contain polysaccharides  and limonoids which are beneficial for  alleviating cancer and tumor cells.

Arthritis– A message with neem oil is effective in relieving muscle ache joint pain and lower back pain.

Cures poison– Neem leaves are also effective in cure poison and insect bites. This due to anti-clotting agents that reside in neem leaf extract.

Chicken pox–  A patient is always advised to take the bath with neem water to soothe the patients skin and avoid the additional spreading of infection.

So these are some uses of neem leaves for hair, skin and health. Are there any  more benefits, which are not mentioned above, feel free to share them with comments.

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Stay happy,stay healthy

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